Lib Dem councillor for Alexandra ward, Wayne Hoban, has expressed astonishment that a new climbing frame installed in the recently upgraded Children’s Playground in Alexandra Park has been taken out of service pending repair.

The new high tech climbing frame was cordoned off just weeks after the Heritage Lottery funded upgrade had been completed in early summer and has remained closed for several weeks.

Responding to an enquiry from Cllr Hoban as to why the climbing frame had not been reopened, the Palace Manager confirmed that part of the frame’s mechanism had been stolen soon after it was installed and that it was proving difficult to replace the part.

Cllr Hoban is amazed that the Palace management has been unable to source the part needed to make the climbing frame safe and has asked them to address the problem immediately.

Cllr Hoban comments:

“It seems incredible that after waiting so long for the playground to be upgraded to a decent standard, local residents and children should be denied use of the climbing frame so soon after the playground was reopened.

“It would seem that something has gone wrong at the planning stage if it is discovered that the equipment can be disabled so easily and parts are so difficult to procure.This is yet another example of poor planning and execution of ‘improvements’ in the park. Local residents and children deserve better.”