Liberal Democrat councillor Wayne Hoban has been asked by Tottenham Green Enterprise Centre (TGEC) tenants to look into the apparent failure of the Tottenham Enterprise Centre to deliver on its stated objectives. The centre was established in 1998 to ‘promote enterprise to young people up to the age of 28, from Haringey and Tottenham in particular.’

The TGEC was set up as a joint venture involving the London Borough of Haringey, the outgoing Tottenham Task Force, the College of North East London and North London TEC.Although the stated intention was to provide training and support, particularly to small BME-led businesses, many tenants have expressed concern over the apparent failure of the TGEC to provide adequate support. Cllr Hoban was informed that photocopying facilities were withdrawn with no notice, on-site car parking for businesses and their visitors was refused, leading to clamping of their vehicles, though the centre management and casual workers are allegedly routinely issued with parking permits. He was also informed that many tenants have left due to poor management support, lack of quality training and inadequate facilities at the centre.

Cllr Hoban comments:

“I was surprised to discover the depth of dissatisfaction from many tenants when I visited the centre last week. The aims and objectives of the TGEC are laudable, but if they are failing to provide good quality support for young BME small businesses, it will undermine our ultimate goal, which is the creation of successful ‘home-grown’ businesses in Tottenham to increase local employment opportunities and attract inward investment to Haringey.I have asked the Haringey Council to investigate these allegations as a matter of urgency.”