Dodgy questionnaire

At the end of last week, Charles Clarke urged all MPs to consult with their constituents over the Government’s plans to introduce detention without trial for up to 90 days. Background – the Government knows it won’t get these plans through Parliament and is looking for a compromise. The request to MPs to consult their constituents sounds suspiciously to me like a ploy to set us up for Labour to claim – on whatever spurious grounds – ‘oh look, the public wants this so you must now change your minds and vote for it’.

Suspicions confirmed by the absurd email he’s sent out to people asking them to take part in a survey on Labour’s website. You can see it at with those lovely unbiased questions like “Do you think police should have the time and opportunity to complete their investigations into suspected terrorists?” Well, everyone will think ‘yes’ to that one, but somehow I think Labour will claim saying yes to that means you support 90 days detention without trial.

I don’t know why – but the word trust and Labour just don’t sit naturally together!