Lib Dem councillor for Alexandra ward, Susan Oatway has demanded Haringey Council takes immediate action to clear drains blocked in the area.

The request comes after Cllr Oatway was inundated with emails and phone calls from residents complaining of flooded roads and pavements covered in wet leaves following heavy rain fall last week.

The worst of the 14 roads reported to Cllr Oatway was Coniston Road, where residents reported that their basement flat had been flooded partly due to a blocked drain outside the property.

In response Haringey Council has assured Cllr Oatway that they will address the problem in this road but confirmed that it is yet to finalise its leaf clearing rota, which is due to begin in November.

The Liberal Democrats are concerned that despite complaints from residents and councillors regarding this and other blocked drains, Haringey Council has been very slow to respond to a very serious problem.

Cllr Oatway (Alexandra) comments:

“Once again the Council has failed to heed warnings and requests from Lib Dems and local residents and we are facing another winter of blocked drains and flooded pavements.

“The Council and its contractors must address this problem urgently and I will be working closely with my Lib Dem colleagues to press them to do so.”