Lib Dem councillor for Stroud Green, Laura Edge, has secured some small improvements to the exterior of Stroud Green Library in Quernmore Road, N4 which will make a big difference to many local residents.

Cllr Edge has secured the removal of a vandalised bench and two stumps from a previous library signpost in Quernmore Road that had been an eyesore for years. She has also gained agreement from Haringey Council to provide a wheelie bin for the library so that rubbish is no longer left outside in black bags between Saturday evening and Monday morning.

Cllr Edge says that these small improvements will contribute to the continued improvements to cleanliness that the Lib Dems are working hard for in all parts of the borough to make it a nicer place to live.

Cllr Edge comments:

“The vandalised bench and stumps outside the library have been an eyesore for a long time. However Haringey Council until now have failed to complete the simply job of removing them.

“Similarly a wheelie bin for the library rubbish will mean that no more piles of black bags are left cluttering the area and encouraging fly-tippers to add to the pile.”