Muswell Hill and Lib Dem Councillor Gail Engert has secured a controlled parking zone (CPZ) for the small estate of Beattock Rise, off St. James Lane N10. This week the Council started preparing for the implementation of the CPZ which is to prevent cars from outside the estate parking on the small entrance road and blocking access to an estate which contains some sheltered housing.

The installation of parking restrictions comes after Haringey Council last month confirmed that it had consulted residents and had received eight responses, all in favour of a CPZ, with one parking permit per household being issued.

This is welcome news to both local residents and Cllr Engert who was worked hard since her election last year to ensure that the residents, some of whom are elderly and disabled, are able to park their vehicles close to their homes.

Cllr Engert hopes that this will end years of parking misery for residents in the small road and will press the Council until the work is completed.

Cllr Engert (Muswell Hill) comments:

“Since I became a councillor last year I have campaigned for controlled parking for these residents. As some of the residents are elderly and disabled it is essential that they have easy access to their vehicles so they can live independent lives, and also any emergency vehicles like ambulances can gain entrance to the estate. I am delighted that the Council have finally acted and I will be eagerly awaiting the completion of the work.”