Lib Dem Deputy Leader Cllr Wayne Hoban has expressed shock and anger in response to applications from mobile phone companies to install two separate mobile masts and base stations on Durnsford Road and Albert Road, N22.

The two ten-metre high masts would, if approved, be sited within half a mile of each other, on the same stretch of road.The sites would also be adjacent to Rhodes Avenue Junior and Alexandra Park Schools, a local park which is used extensively by children for school access and recreation, and a popular garden centre.

O2 installed a mobile mast in Albert Road last year against the wishes of the local community, and there has also been an attempt by Vodafone to install a mast and base station by a pocket park in Durnsford Road, which is still being resisted by Cllr Hoban and local residents.Cllr Hoban has contacted Haringey Council to express his opposition to these applications.

Cllr Wayne Hoban comments:

“Council Executive members in the past have assured me that where mobile masts adversely affect the environment, they would be opposed. It is clear that on this basis, these applications should be refused. Mobile masts and base stations should be subject to the full planning process. I will continue in my efforts to persuade the Council to back this policy in the interests of all residents.”