Lib Dem councillors will be calling on Haringey Council to unite in opposition against the Government’s plans to introduce compulsory ID cards in the UK.

The motion has been proposed by Lib Dem councillor for Stroud Green, Laura Edge, who along with her Lib Dem colleagues is deeply concerned at the Government’s proposals.

In the motion which has been tabled for the Full Council meeting next Monday (18th July) the Lib Dems raise concerns over the cost, to both citizens and local authorities, the infringements on civil liberties and the detrimental effect upon community relations of the cards.

The motion will call on Haringey Council:

To submit objections to the legislation to the Home Secretary

To investigate future costs and future risks to the Council as a result of ID cards coming into operation

To ask Haringey’s two MPs to oppose the ID Card Scheme

Cllr Edge is hopeful that Council members will support the important motion. She has already received the support of Hornsey & Wood Green MP, Lynne Featherstone who will be voting against the Government’s Bill in Parliament.

Cllr Edge (Stroud Green) comments:

“The ID card proposal would have a negative impact on citizens of Haringey and we need to make the Government aware that we as a borough oppose these plans. I hope that Council members put their political allegiances to one side and support the motion on Monday.”

Lynne Featherstone MP adds:

“Haringey needs to take a stand on ID cards, especially given the enormous sums involved.”