Chocolate Factory open day

FinFest! Off to Finsbury Park to celebrate the summer festival on a beautiful, if somewhat sweltering, day.

Arrived early – so sat for half an hour (unheard of) on a chair by the Finsbury Park Trust tent in the sun. Sheer bliss. Then did a round of the stalls – bought a ring but (as with almost all my impulse buys) I probably won’t ever wear it.

At 1.30pm I go over to the newly refurbished tennis courts to perform opening ceremony. It had been advertised as Ian Wright – sadly – they get me as sub!

Then onto the Chocolate Factory Open Day. The Chocolate Factory has nothing to do with chocolate (these days) but houses in its two buildings a colony of visual and performing arts small businesses, studios and artistes. It’s a private operation – but run with a social conscience and some help from the borough and is a very good thing – and a great thing to have in the constituency.

Two of the performers are my nephews (twins) – both rock musicians and both in bands on the verge … of good things.

Jake’s band – ‘Mad Staring Eyes’ – is playing at 2pm before I can get there from FinFest – so miss out on his performance. However, I do manage to get there (dragging younger daughter with) by 5pm in time for Nick’s band ‘The Dirty Feel’. They are fantastic! It’s the first time I have seen them live – and with guitars singing like in the good old days of proper rock bands I am well impressed.

I watch the dance troupe from Mountview Theatre School, some karaoke rappers and then home.