Mobile phone masts

Early meeting with Peter Wingate-Saul, the National Community Relations Manager at Crown Castle UK – who are a company who find sites for mobile telephone masts. He has asked for a meeting as he wants to put the mobile phone industry’s side of the case regarding health risks and how guidelines and government views are formed, on what authority and on whose advice.

I am pleased, as always, to hear all sides and have some sympathy in terms of the case he made for not making legislation based on people’s fears but rather making it based on substantive points. However, I am still not convinced that we can be sure there is no harm whatsoever from mobile phone masts or phones.

I am firm in my belief that proper planning processes should be applied to all masts and that until there is more information – preferable more definitive information – we would be wise to continue to be cautious on behalf of our youngest and most vulnerable citizens. In fact I have backed an Early Day Motion in this regard this week. (There’s ane explanation of what EDMs are on the Parliament website).

One of the women in one of the local campaigns believes her child is already suffering radiation sickness and has had a test done on the roots of his hair which she says show positive. I have asked if there is an NHS hospital that is carrying out these tests – as it may be important to try and get a wider health survey of such evidence properly tested.