Helping the arts

Not at Parliament today as not needed for the chamber and have two local commitments. First of the day is a meeting with the Director of the Mountview Theatre School to see if there are ways that I can be of help in their aspiration to combine on one site and to draw some synergy with the Chocolate Factory – an artists colony next door.

We reminisce – well I do – about my first contact with the Theatre School when I was about 8 and was understudy for a production they were putting on – ‘The Innocents’. I remember it so clearly – and spent years thereafter hankering to be an actor. Happily for me that didn’t work out and I became a designer.

What my love of theatre has done though is give me a great belief in the arts and entertainment. And I will always want to promote entertainment, arts and culture as it breathes life and fun into life.

At lunchtime, and in the blistering heat, I am at the ceremony to open the Therapeutic Network at Canning Crescent. Horrifically and short-sightedly – Haringey saw fit to close the two mental day-care hospitals in our borough. Campaigners – after a two-year battle – have succeeded in getting this service (in different form and much smaller) re-opened. Hurrah. Great occasion – but very hot!