Highgate’s Lib Dem councillors are calling for urgent action from Haringey Council to sort out the delayed suicide prevention works on the Archway Bridge.

Cllr Bob Hare says that the last meeting to address the issue was cancelled in March, and nothing has happened since. The steering group overseeing the works has not met since before Christmas.

Lib Dems believe that funding has been secured from Transport for London (TfL) to look at solutions, and this money needs to put to good use immediately.

Cllr Bob Hare comments:

“This issue must not be allowed to be pushed into the long grass by Haringey.

“It is vital that this work goes ahead as soon as possible. Lots of other agencies, such as the local health authority, emergency services, the police, and the local residents’ association are only to happy to co-operate and give their time to help sort out the problem. It is the Council’s job to make this happen, and Haringey should be taking urgent steps to bring all these groups together now.”