Tidying up at the GLA

Crack of dawn off to ITN for what turned out to be a grilling by the newscaster. He was very shocked when he asked what people hadn’t liked about the LibDems – and I said I thought since we finally had some exposure in the election of our policies – they liked them all.

I know he wanted me to say one policy or another – but it is true – overall it was just the best prospectus to stand on – very comfortable.

Straight on to Sky with Adam Boulton. This time there is a Tory and a Labour new MP too. In fact, the Labour MP and I keep meeting on these ‘new MP’ programs. This interview is great fun. Of course, given I have spent an inordinate amount of time in TV studios – I know my way round them better than the House of Commons.

Later in day work on Parking Enforcement Report. This is my swan-song project at the GLA. I have spent the last year firstly trying to get the investigation to happen despite great opposition from boroughs particularly sensitive to having their parking policies looked at and who think the London Assembly should keep their nose out.

Then the actual investigation – and now am just working on the final draft report to go out Monday to the committee for comments. Hopefully, we will get the final version shortly and my intention is to see this report launched and agreed at Transport Committee. And then I can leave. This is one loose end I must tie up before cutting the umbilical.