First time in the chamber

Go to City Hall for AGM of London Assembly – my vote is necessary to see Sally Hamwee safely into the Chair of the Assembly for the coming year. Other committees are set up and later I sign my letter of resignation from the Met Police Authority. (I’ll be standing down from the GLA in a couple of weeks once I’ve tided up various loose ends). Makes me very sad as I love the work I have been able to do on policing and my hope is that I will be able to carry it on at the Commons.

Am called to see Chief Whip at Commons who asks what experience I have and how I am getting along etc. The Chief Whip is Andrew Stunnell – who I shadowed at Parliament eight years ago before I was elected to anything – so he can take due credit!

Into chamber for first time to elect the Speaker of the House (although there is only Michael Martin standing). Nevertheless – clearly an occasion for speeches. I sat in the third row – and was very squished. Too many people for too few seats – and very, very noise. No doubt it will all become familiar in a relatively short time.

Then off for a briefing for Question Time. Everyone says ‘you’ll be fine’ – but I don’t know that or think it even possible at this point. Can’t wait for it to be over! Back to Commons for Parliamentary Party weekly meeting – interesting to see everyone. At least we are now a big enough party for me not to know everyone and then home – to emails and more emails.