New week, new job

Phone does not stop ringing and I am desperately trying to get out the door to get to Westminster for various inductions for new MPs. I’m not complaining though. Interview after interview – the size of the swing in Hornsey and Wood Green seems to have taken much of the media by surprise.

Anyway – finally get our of the house at about midday and off to Westminster. First stop – Portcullis House (offices next door the Commons) to get registered, pass, finance office and hundreds of other things before the first briefing for new Lib Dem MPs.

Two hours of various briefings. Having promised not to overload us new kids on the block with too much information – we were then given too much information. They really tried – but it’s hard when there is so much new to tell us about.

The clear message was – sort your office and your casework out fast – otherwise you will get a backlog to die for and everyone will be cross. So that’s what I am doing and hope to have my first surgery set up for next week and all communications given a first response.

Then phone call from our press office – Question Time have phoned to request I go on the program this week. Now I’ll feel anxious until it’s over.

Then go to meet whole Parliamentary Party and be addressed by Charles K at Local Government Association. Good address followed by photo call for new MPs with the leader. I am placed next to Charles. I have noticed that is where I am positioned a lot at the moment – so the party is clearly pleased with my result!

Then finally get home to try to conquer the thousand emails that have arrived.