Simon Hughes MP visits

Simon Hughes sweep into Hornsey & Wood Green. Yes – all the party stars are shining here this time round!

We are canvassing in Hornsey. People are always pretty surprised when they open the door and find Simon on their doorstep. And it has to be said – people are Simon’s forte – he basically just charms them…

Simultaneously – my door knocking was pretty productive. One door I knocked at – definitely voting LibDem – says ‘wait a minute, I’ve got a present for you.’ Haven’t encountered this before – but wait in mystified anticipation. The guy reappears with a book – of which he is the author. Title of said book ‘The Curious Incident of the WMD in Iraq’.

So – you never know what you will find on the doorstep. And Simon assures me that I don’t have to list it in ‘gifts received’ (Standards in Public Life) as it falls way below the level at which this kicks in. Phew – don’t want any books for votes scandal attaching itself to my campaign!

Simon wants to stalk a high street – so we are just off Crouch End Broadway and go there to meet and greet. It was fun. Simon sweeps into each shop, restaurant or whatever – stops people just minding their own business – and engages thoroughly with the denizens of Crouch End.

He is the past master at such engagement – and when you walk through Simon’s constituency of Southwark and Bermondsey it takes hours as everyone knows him and talks to him. Of course, this has its downside, as he has given me a lift in his bright yellow taxi to where we have been canvassing and I need to get back to go to Muswell Hill to sign the ‘Make Poverty History’ pledge. Eventually with the help of his minder we pull him away.

Arrive in Muswell Hill at the stall. Sign the pledge and wait as the other candidates are late or not coming. Journal photographer appears (at the request of the stall holders – not me!) and the ‘signing’ is complete. We all support the ambitions of this campaign.