Canvassing with Ed Davey on Thursday

Early to bed – early to rise! I guess the election adrenalin must have kicked. Having fallen asleep to the first strains of Desperate Housewives (which I had been hoping to watch for a moments respite) I wake up at 3.45am. Lie there ’til 6am then finally decide pointless exercise.

Off canvassing with Ed Davey MP who is our Shadow Deputy Prime Minister. The doorstep feel is remarkably similar seemingly wherever we canvass. LibDems and soft Labour. Rush Ed back to HQ as he has to go off to Islington South and Brent East. Ed’s also been to Dorset and Guildford – the common denominator is that these are all seats where women candidates are challenging. Just showing that Ed takes supporting women candidates to its proper level!

I continue stuffing envelopes (just one of my favourite past times), have lunch with Neil and then rush home to do some Highgate delivery. I find a couple of hours delivery a day helps ease the tension and get rid of some of the adrenalin.

Back home for emails and paperwork. Adrenalin disposal not helped by LibDem press office phoning to see if I would talk to BBC London about LibDem womens’ policies. I agree to BBC interview – but that means have to be up at 6am to brief myself in the morning. Oh well – I’ll be awake anyway…

Rush back to HQ for more stuffing. Rush back home to write out a letter that I want to deliver to people with postal votes who will be voting next weekend. Pass out to Andrew Neil’s dulcet tones.