Lib Dem candidate Lynne Featherstone is making health a key theme of this week’s general election campaign in the hotly-contested battle for the Hornsey and Wood Green constituency. The Lib Dems have a positive plan to improve local health service, in contrast to the Labour candidate, who voted in favour of foundation hospitals, leaving local trusts such as the Whittington and the North Middlesex out in the cold.

Lib Dem plans include faster diagnoses of critical illnesses, so that people can receive treatment more quickly. The party wants to give free prescriptions to more people with long term illnesses. And central to the party’s campaign will be free long term care for the elderly – as the party has delivered in Scotland. Ms Featherstone is to unveil the party’s latest campaign poster on the issue in Hornsey today.

Ms Featherstone says that Lib Dem plans contrast with Labours record. The number of beds in local hospitals has fallen, and the controversial privatisation deal with Jarvis has caused big problems with hospital building work.

Lynne Featherstone comments:

“With the Labour candidate backing plans for foundation hospitals status, we need an MP who will stand up for local health services. Labour’s policies are leaving local trusts, such as the North Middlesex and the Whittington, out in the cold.

“The Labour council has joined in the cuts, with its plan to close Red Gables family health centre, not to mention its record of voting to close two day care hospitals and one third of Haringey’s residential care homes.”