Andrew Gilligan in the Evening Standard

Andrew Gilligan’s piece on Hornsey & Wood Green comes out today in the Evening Standard – which is going to be a pretty important piece of coverage for us – one way or the other.

First phone call in from the press office – only seen the headline – looks good. Well – without droning on too much – it was a good piece for us and for me. Huge photograph of me with the panoramic backdrop of London viewed from the steep slopes of Muswell Hill.

Glad to be able to report that it’s a nice photo! Then I read the piece and it is a really accurate summation of the situation here. The Labour vote is very soft and it’s going to be an exciting finish.

One of the bits that interested me the most was the description of what Labour think is happening in this seat. Last time out in 2001 LibDems (and me) took around 10,000 votes of Ms Roche’s majority. That was before 9/11, before the war and so on. Their rational, according to Labour, is that the residents of this area are basically the advanced guard of Labour thinking in the capital. i.e. Labour here became disillusioned before Labour elsewhere – and therefore the huge swing to the LibDems last time was it.

I have to say I don’t think so! Not in a million years. However, using that logic – is Labour saying that there will be at least a 12% swing to the LibDems in all seats where we are in second place? That would be excellent!