Fun on the Today programme

Radio 4 have a piece about disgruntled Labour activists – and they pick a group of Labour members from Hornsey and Wood Green.

Some of the comments from the Labour members:

“There’s so many things the Labour government does that I am in total, complete disagreement with. And it’s not just Iraq, it is the rightwards drift, it’s the attack on local authorities, it’s the attack on social housing. It’s the arrogant attitude that they have towards ordinary people.”

“I know dozens, literally dozens and dozens, of people who are Labour voters who will be voting Lib Dem. Because they are the party in the area that’s got some momentum behind it, and are the anti war party, and it is the war that has been the biggest issue for me.”

“For a Labour government to take us to war in that way is just for me unsupportable, but there are also the attacks on civil liberties, top up fees, the privatisation, galloping privatisation, it’s just more than I can bear and when they dress it up in this whole language of choice, and so on, well I’m sorry I cannot trust people who behave like that – I don’t trust them.”

All this from Labour party members! You can listen again to this on the Radio 4 website for a week.