Hearing from an old friend

I continue to think about the interview with Gilligan. He asked me about Ken and his stupid remark to a reporter about being like a concentration camp guard – giving great offence to the Jewish community.

A funny thing happened over that whole business – tangentially speaking. I got an email from a very old boyfriend (circa 30 years ago) who was Jewish. We lasted about two weeks when I was at college but became great friends. In fact he came to live with my mother and me when we left college – I left home to get a flat and he stayed with my mother for a further two years.

I lost touch probably over 20 years ago – but I suddenly get this email out of the blue. Peter has been looking at the GLA website to find out how to write to Ken to tell him exactly what he thinks of him and his concentration camp remarks.

That is the depth of feeling in the Jewish community that Ken has stirred – Peter was not easily stirred to action in my recollection. Ken apparently totally fails to understand what he’s done. I don’t know why.

Anyway – back to Peter. He stumbles across my name on the web-site and sends an email to me asking if I am the same Lynne he knows. He makes me smile because he puts a ps:

‘you never write, you never visit, you never call…..’

He always did have a good sense of humour. So as he gives a number, I ‘phone him and it is just great. Sounds just the same. He is of course amazed that I am now a politician as I was an art student and a designer last time he looked. Peter, coming from Rhodesia as was, was always somewhat right wing (mild description). He said he had voted for Blair in ’97 because he was the most right-wing politician in British politics!

Then go into overdrive in effort to get everything in order for the General Election. News of the Pope’s death dominates everything today. The party decides not to knock on doors today, but we have our internal campaign team meeting in the evening.

This will take place weekly now until the election and is at my house. We run thought where we are on our campaign plan and try and make sure any gaps are filled. Then more paperwork and emails – as ever!