Transport Question Time

Rush over to Centrepoint to be part of a ‘Question Time’ panel on transport and the balance of powers between Whitehall, the London Mayor and the boroughs.

Tony Travers and Peter Hendy and a councillor from Camden (Labour) were my co-panellists. I got into a right ding-dong with the Camden councillor as I was talking about how defensive the boroughs were about their parking fiefdoms. Cat amongst the pigeons!

Actually – it was an interesting debate – and continued with a lively discussion about consultation (do people listen to the results?) and the need for more powers for the London Assembly so it can exercise proper checks and balances on the Mayor.

Rush home to paperwork and emails and then dash out to distribute leaflets to deliverers ready for the general election being called. I think there would be a number of activists from all political parties who would throttle Tony B if he doesn’t call it next week!