Crime policy launch

Meet our press officer outside Millbank and we go and do SKY. They have decided not to do a live feed but a pre-record – that was just fine. They edit and take what they want – usually about a nano-second by the time it actually reaches the news.

Tougher on ITV – live to camera – and a proper grilling on our policies. Apart from mangling one set of words – I was pleased because they had gone tough and thrown every possible attack at me – and I lived! I always reckon it’s been a good day if I’m alive at the end of it.

Then off to the crime manifesto launch – all good stuff. It’s me, Charles K and Mark Oaten. Now the big boys have arrived, I become relatively ornamental. I say my piece but Charles and Mark, being the national figures, field the questions – very well I thought.

I go into City Hall to clear my paperwork and emails there and spend some hours finishing a variety of chores.

Then back to a stuffing evening at my house. I like stuffing evenings as it is a mindless task leaving us activists to gossip.

In the middle of all that has been going on, I have had to truck backwards and forwards to the vet several times. My dog, Purdy, ate a whole chicken carcass (bones and all) overnight on Good Friday. It was the first time I had cooked a proper meal since Christmas – and the oven broke. So moral of that story is – I should never cook!

Vet’s fees need a bit of scrutiny is my overriding thought for the day. I have insurance – but the cost is exorbitant. Must have a look at this in due course … but too tired tonight.