How much am I offered for this ironing?

Canvassing in Crouch End. On the doorsteps – lack of school places is the issue. Canvassing on a beautiful sunny day – and everything in the garden is lovely.

In the evening it’s a local Lib Dem fundraiser – an ‘Auction of Promises’. Our new fundraising committee (made up of new young faces) has done this all themselves. They are looking nervous and wondering if the people will come. Their nerves are misplaced as we get an excellent turnout.

The promises on offer range from doing two hours ironing all the way up to use of a villa with private pool in Cyprus.

Ed and Monica have organised the whole evening and are genial auctioneers, Thoraya has done the phoning round to get people to come and to give and Laura is on drinks.

And Ed and Monica are complete stars. They have done so much preparation and make the introduction of each bid hilarious. They give a warm, funny and happy atmosphere to the evening. People bid high and against each other – and the ironing lot proves so popular amongst generally our single males who are apparently desperate for this lot – that the giver offers it twice more and we make the lot three times.

The evening is a stomping success with lots of money raised and a fabulous social evening – particularly notable for the quantity of young people who came.