Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Ron Aitken has challenged Labour to explain differences in what it has told different people over the controversial closure of the Red Gables family health centre in Crouch End.

Under pressure over the cuts, the Labour lead members for Social Services told residents campaigning to protect services at the site that there are no plans to sell it. However, Cllr Ron Aitken points out that in a letter dated 28 Jan2005 , Kate Wynne, Lead Member for Social Services , wrote:

“The use of the Red Gables Home will be phased out over the two year period, with money from the building directed into the new assessment team.”

Cllr Wynne has since admitted that the centre will indeed be closed.

Cllr Aitken comments:

“This letter shows Labour has been playing politics over the future of Red Gables. Where was this money coming from if the Red Gables site isn’t being sold? Residents will rightly suspect that Labour were really planning to sell the site despite their public claims to the contrary. We need a full and honest explanation, as residents were clearly led to believe there was hope for the future of the site. They do not want a virtual service as proposed by Labour.”