Lib Dem councillor for Muswell Hill, Lynne Featherstone has successfully secured the clean-up of a graffiti hotspot around Park Road and Priory Road, N8.

The request for the clean-up, made earlier this month, came after residents reported litter bins and bus stop ticket machines covered in graffiti around the area.

Last week, in response to Cllr Featherstone’s request, Haringey Council removed a total of 37 square metres of graffiti from Park Road and a further 18 square metres from Priory Road, with some further removals taking place at a later date.

Cllr Featherstone has welcomed the clean-up but says that more needs to be done to deter those creating the graffiti.

Cllr Featherstone (Muswell Hill) comments: “I am pleased that this graffiti has been removed, as a constant effort is needed to clear up the effects of this sort of vandalism.”