In a further boost to the Liberal Democrats in the area, a new website aimed at disgruntled Labour supporters is urging locals to back the Lib Dems in the forthcoming general election in Hornsey and Wood Green.

The site,, is the second such site in recent weeks to urge a vote for the Lib Dems, and predicts the election will be a closely fought battle between the Lib Dems and Labour, with the Tories a very distant third. Strategic Voter describes the Hornsey and Wood Green seat as a “vital battleground constituency”, andsays:

“Vote for the best-placed candidate from an anti-war party, which in this seat means Lib Dem.There is a pro-war party in the lead, challenged by an anti-war party. The MP seeking re-election failed to vote against the illegal invasion of Iraq in the crucial final Division 118 on March 18, 2003.”

The move follows a surprisingly frank admission to a local newspaper in January by the newly selected Tory Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the seat that he is out of the race and that the constituency is a straight fight between the Lib Dems and Labour.

Lib Dem Leader Neil Williams comments:

“The election will be interesting, particularly with the growing number of websites urging people to vote Lib Dem to defeat Labour in this seat. The Tory candidate’s own admission that he cannot win has certainly been a boost in recent weeks.”