A Liberal Democrat councillor has expressed dismay at the reoccupation of numbers 15 and 17 Perth Road, Stroud Green by squatters.Laura Edge, who represents Stroud Green, says it is the third time in less than a year that the properties, which were managed by Haringey Council’s Temporary Accommodation Team, have been squatted.

Squatters first moved in immediately after the properties were emptied in June 2004. Following legal proceedings they were evicted and the properties secured, but new squatters were nevertheless able to get in. In October 2004 a further eviction notice was served and the properties were again secured.

At this time the Council informed local councillors and residents that the properties would be sold at auction but the sale was put on hold while the Housing Department looked at alternative uses for the properties. Before a solution was found, squatters again gained entry on Friday 4 February 2005.

The Council will now have to initiate legal proceedings against the squatters once again, a process which could take up to eight weeks. Officers have assured Cllr Edge that a definitive decision will be made on the future of the properties before the squatters are evicted to put an end to the cycle of misery for local residents.

Residents in Perth Road are furious that the Council has taken so long to decide on the future of the properties, which continue to deteriorate, while in the meantime allowing their lives to be blighted by squatters, who residents say have frequently held large and noisy parties into the early hours.

Commenting Cllr Edge said:

“I support Haringey Council’s desire to retain social housing stock wherever possible.

“However, in failing to decide on the future of these properties Haringey has caused untold misery to residents in Perth Road, not to mention the cost involved in the ongoing deterioration of the building and in constantly re-securing it. It is therefore imperative that the Council ensures that the mechanisms are in place to effect the sale as soon as this latest group of squatters are evicted.”