Haringey residents will be able to voice their opinions and concerns on a variety of local issues,from council services to the NHS,thanks to the launch of the Liberal Democrat annual residents’ survey. The Liberal Democrats say the survey is being sent to nearly 50,000 homes in Hornsey and Wood Green over the next few weeks.

Cllr. Neil Williams, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, explains the importance of the survey:

“It’s vital that local people can share their views, opinions and concerns about local and national issues with our Parliamentary spokesperson Lynne Featherstone and the local team of Lib Dem councillors.

“Turnout in elections has been falling for many years now, and one reason for this is that people do not feel that they are a part of the political process.

“We are committed to working with local residents and dealing with the issues they raise, not just at election time but all year round. I am confident that this survey will have the biggest response ever.”