Haringey Lib Dem Councillor and GLA member Lynne Featherstone has said she is pleased at a commitment from the Metropolitan Police Authority that it will tackle the issue of neighbourhood policing in Highgate.

The move follows a request from Ms Featherstone during a visit to Haringey last Thursday by MPA Chair Len Duval.

Ms Featherstone says that the Highgate area, split between three boroughs, is losing out on police initiatives to improve neighbourhood policing under the Safer Neighbourhoods Scheme. The trend is clear, as other areas such as Crystal Palace, also situated on a number of borough boundaries, have pointed out the same problem.

Lynne Featherstone comments:

“Highgate is split between three boroughs and therefore no single borough will put the area forward as a Safer Neighbourhood area. Yet the same need for neighbourhood policing exists in Highgate just as it does in other areas where the scheme is being rolled out.

“I am glad that this problem will now be looked at over the next six months so that before the next roll-out of the scheme, Highgate, Crystal Palace and other areas suffering similarly, will have the same rights to neighbourhood policing as areas contained wholly within one borough.”