Highgate tube fence update

At Jacksons Lane Centre for the third meeting of the newly formed Archway Road Residents’ Association. At last we seem to be getting somewhere with the dispute over the fence outside Highgate Station. My colleague Cllr Bob Hare (Highgate) and the chair of the association have been discussing the options with the key protagonists from the three key groups who have a vibrant interest in the fence.

We now have a new option to consider which – whilst it won’t give everyone exactly what they want – might be acceptable enough to everyone to be a runner. It’s a specially absorbent acoustic fence that would be a metre high with the rest of the security needs met by green mesh.

So, everyone agrees to consult with the key protagonists to see if this would be acceptable. If it might be, a deputation will go to Tim O’Toole’s office to run through the option to check it is viable and to see if London Underground would be happy with it. And then will go and do a door to door consultation on the semi-agreed compromise option and the other options to see if there’s general public backing for it.

I agree to contact Tim O’Toole the next day to confirm this is alright – which I do.

Hopefully this iterative process will lead to a viable solution that everyone can live with.