Haringey Lib Dems have requested that repairs be carried out in Park AvenueSouth, N8 after cracks appeared in the road. They appeared in the tarmacwhile work was carried out by Thames Water with more appearing in the daysafter.

When Thames Water workers inspected the site, they told residents that theunderlying structure of the road was in a very poor state as it was over a100 years old. Residents alerted Cllr Lynne Featherstone who has askedHaringey Council to take action.

The Council has now promised that they and Thames Water will be carrying outa full inspection of the road. They also say that Thames Water have agreedto repair the cracks caused by their work.

However Haringey Council has said that little other work can be done untilthe next financial year due to the likely cost involved in fully repairingthe road.

Cllr Featherstone comments: “I am glad that residents have brought this tomy attention and that I have managed to get some action from HaringeyCouncil and Thames Water.

“I appreciate that the Council may not have the funds available to carryoutsignificant resurfacing work now, but I will expect it in April when the newbudget funds are secured. Until then I will press the Council to ensure theworst parts of the road are adequately patched.”