In the Fortis Green by-election, Lib Dem candidate and local resident Martin Newton has written to voters with five key positive pledges for their approval on polling day, 11th November. Martin’s pledges are:

  • FIGHTING CRIME: Work with police to extend Muswell Hill police station’s opening hours for the public.

  • IMPROVING TRANSPORT: Get trial all-day service on 603 and get an extra bus in the timetable at school-run times.

  • LOCAL SCHOOLS: Secure more local primary school places for local children.

  • HARINGEY SOCIAL SERVICES: Hold to account those who employed a convicted sex offender as driver of a children’s bus.

  • COUNCIL HOUSING: Give council tenants a vote to decide whether Haringey should transfer their homes to another organisation.

Lib Dem candidate Martin Newton comments:

“The Liberal Democrats have shown how things can be better. We successfully worked with residents and overcame Labour’s opposition to the 603 bus. We got door-to-door recycling extended across the borough. I am looking forward to receiving people’s views on how we can secure further positive changes for the area.”