Lib Dem councillors in Fortis Green have wholeheartedly welcomed the decision of planing inspectors to reject the developers’ appeal against controversial plans to build houses on the land at the rear of 2-16 Lauradale Road.

Many residents had turned up to oppose the developer’s appeal in September, along with the Headmistress of Tetherdown School and local Lib Dem ward councillor for Fortis Green, Matt Davies. The Council formally opposed the appeal and a number of residents spoke against the proposals.

Fortis Green councillor Matt Davies comments:

“I am absolutely delighted that this development will not now go ahead. There was an enormous response from residents against these plans, and it goes to show that such united opposition really can make a difference.

“The Planning Inspector was left in no doubt about the strength of local feeling and has made the right decision. A local path that has been used for years by residents and children on their way to school would have been lost if this had gone ahead. It is very good news for the area.”