At the meeting of the Licensing Sub-Committee on 27th September,the late licence application for the Raglan Hall Hotel on Queens Avenue was approved – but only with reduced hours and subject to a review in six months.

Cllr Matt Davies (Lib Dem, Fortis Green) led the objections to the application at the meeting, and five other local residents also spoke against the plan. The hotel had applied for a public entertainment licence to run to midnight on Sundays and 1am on Fridays and Saturdays.

“We are naturally disappointed that the committee did not reject the application outright,” says Cllr Davies. “But due to the strength of objections from local residents, the hours have been restricted – to 11pm on Sunday and midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. This concession could make a big difference to quality of life for Queens Avenue residents.”

The licence will also be reviewed after six months – the usual period for such a licence is twelve months. Residents objected due to existing problems with noise and anti-social behaviour. It is felt that these problems, which already exist due to private functions at the hotel, could become much worse if general public access is increased.

“I am glad that the Committee has seen fit to review the situation at an early opportunity,” adds Cllr Davies. “We will be monitoring the situation closely. If our fears that this licence could drag the public from the commercial entertainment areas of Muswell Hill into this residential street become reality, we will be calling on the Committee to revoke the licence.”