Lib Dem Deputy Leader, Wayne Hoban has written to Vodafone to confirm that residents in Alexandra ward remain opposed to their proposal to install a mobile phone mast and base station in Harcourt Gardens pocket park, N22.

The action follows a meeting held with local residents last night organised by Cllr Hoban and chaired by fellow Alexandra Councillor Susan Oatway at Alexandra Park School.The meeting was called to discuss the current status of Vodafone’s plans for the pocket park based at the junction of Albert Road and Durnsford Road, as well as feeding back responses from Haringey Council and Vodafone to questions raised at the previous meeting held in March.

Concerns had been raised over the summer when a BT contractor team turned up unannounced one weekend during the summer to undertake preparatory work, including digging up the road, without being required to submit their plans to Haringey Council.

Cllr Hoban believes that this act demonstrates that the law needs to be changed to ensure that mobile phone mast installations are subject to planning control, which they are not at present.

Cllr Hoban (Alexandra): “This is an issue of great importance to local residents and Haringey must press the Government to look into reforming current legislation to give local planning departments more power to control the growing number of base units and aerials.

“I have written to Vodafone to express local opposition to their current plans, but in the absence of legislation to control such developments, we can do little more than protest.”