Following the publication of the report on the Finsbury Park CPZ satisfaction survey, Stroud Green Liberal Democrat councillor Laura Edge has called on Haringey Council to adopt a more flexible approach to tackling parking problems in the area.

Many respondents living within the current CPZ commented that the hours of operation were too long and that a one-hour block at the beginning or end of the day or a two-hour block in the middle of the day would adequately deter commuter parking. In its report Haringey Council dismissed these concerns maintaining that such hours of operation would not act to discourage “inessential vehicle trips” outside the limited control period.

Ms Edge remains unconvinced and has criticised Haringey Council for adopting a “one-size-fits-all” solution to the problem. She argues that different streets in the area encounter different parking problems and have different needs. She also stresses the importance of balancing the need to secure adequate parking for residents against the needs of local businesses and schools.

Ms Edge is particularly concerned about Haringey Council’s current blanket approach in view of its decision to consult on the extension of the Finsbury Park CPZ. Responses to the survey of residents in roads surrounding the current CPZ revealed mixed feelings about its extension, with 52% of residents in favour and 48% against.

Laura Edge comments:

“The results of the survey of residents in areas surrounding the current CPZ indicate considerable division of opinion within the community over the expansion of the scheme. I hope that Haringey Council will adopt a flexible approach attuned to the particular needs and problems of the area.”

Ms Edge has also called on the Council to improve arrangements for obtaining residents’ and visitors’ permits after 58% of respondents said they were not satisfied with current arrangements. Ms Edge welcomed the decision to pilot the issuing of permits from Hornsey Customer Services but also called for the reduction of bureaucracy around the issuing of permits.

Ms Edge also called on Haringey Council to take immediate action over the problems associated with the garage in Upper Tollington Park, which has been dumping cars in the street. Residents of Upper Tollington Park expressed concern over the behaviour of the garage in their responses to the survey and in its report Haringey Council stated that it was “formulating a strategy”with local police, parking attendants and the DVLA to deal with the problem.

Ms Edge says that this is not good enough:

“I was told back in May of this year that Haringey was devising a strategy to deal with this problem. How much longer is this going to take? Local residents aren’t interested in strategies – they want concrete action to tackle a problem which has become a long-standing blight on their lives”.