Muswell Hill police station

Meet Diane Dodd, the new Met Police volunteer recruitment officer who is now stationed in Muswell Hill police station tasked with getting the front counter opened.  Having campaigned against its closure as soon as it was closed alongside local residents – I am thrilled to bits that we  are about to have our wishes realised. I handed over a further fifteen names of local people who have contacted her about becoming a police volunteer. Diane will be contacting them in the next few days. 

I had a little tour of the new facilities, the new front counter and office. It’s no palace – but I am convinced the integration of public and police through volunteering is a good thing.

The first wave of nineteen volunteers are well on their way to opening day. Diane Dodd is just completing the vetting and if all is well, the front counter will open on or around August 3rd. She is keen for the volunteers to get their feet under the table quietly for a few weeks before the official opening later in the year. Sir John Stevens, the Met Police Commissioner – who has backed this campaign and asked to open the front counter with me – will do so in September at an official opening. Hurrah!