Mayor's Question Time

The first Mayor’s Question Time of this term of office. Ken, much to my surprise, is quite jovial. I had heard tales of bad temper and particularly with the Lib Dems. He appeared to have developed a deep antipathy towards Simon Hughes during the campaign. However, he was more angry with the tube unions. I guess ‘cos they wouldn’t do his bidding for once. Being supported by the unions, now the election was out the way, they were/are still planning to strike next Tuesday/Wednesday. Ken says the deal on the table to them is fabulous and they can have no reason to go ahead with the strike and if they do, he could understand crossing the picket line. He comes under attack for having Bob Crow on the board of TfL.

Nothing else of huge interest. We all have our usual bash about the West London Tram, his spending problems, his lack of meetings (none) with the Chancellor re making the case for London and so on.

Most interesting thing is Labour members absolute cessation of scrutiny. All they do now is put forward sycophantic questions or comments – all critical faculty has clearly evaporated in the coming of a Labour Mayor!