Arrive late, leave early

We start Assembly Transport Committee at 9.30am to take an update from Peter Hendy on bendy buses and their recent tendency to burst into flame. The early start was at his request and, as chair, I try and accommodate peoples’ timetables. He is a busy man.

However, on arriving in Committee Room 5, I am given the news that he is going to be late. Something to do with a train problem (him on it and stuck). So I decide to start with the road hump report as soon as we are quorate. I ask officers to round up members and am told that Jenny Jones is eating her breakfast and a couple of others are on their way. Members are really poor at time keeping!

The hump report has received lots of publicity – very controversial. The car-lobby appear to think it is pro-hump and the pro-hump lobby appear to think it’s pro-car. So I think it is the perfectly balanced rational report with sensible recommendations – which it is.

The Tories decide not to sign up because it is pro-hump. Everyone else says they will support it.

Anyway, Jenny Jones had flounced in late into this debate and immediately had a go at me for starting the hump bit early. How dare I start without her when she wanted to be there for that debate in particular? Given I was told she was eating her breakfast outside when the meeting started, I thought her behaviour was appalling. Prima donna of the first order. If Peter Hendy was delayed, it’s perfectly reasonable for me to get the committee’s agreement to move on to the next item of business.

The rest of the committee got on with our work – people had their say and the committee then voted through the report. I hope this will be the first of an ongoing series of work on road safety.

There’s was more for the committee to discuss after the hump report, but Jenny Jones then left early!