With polling in the London and European Election just weeks away, an analysis by the local Lib Dems has revealed that the party has polled far more votes than its rivals in the local government by-elections which have taken place since the last local elections. The figures have been welcomed by London Assembly member Lynne Featherstone, who heads her party’s London-wide slate of candidates for the GLA elections.

In the three by elections since the last council elections – in Tottenham Hale, Stroud Green and Muswell Hill – the total vote for the parties was:

Lib Dems:3,170(51.9%)
Cons: 878(14.4%)
Green: 635(10.4%)

Lynne Featherstone says that the large Lib Dem lead is all the more telling given that two of the three wards were in formerly ultra-safe Labour territory and the three wards are broadly representative of the borough, one being in the west, one in the east and one in the centre.

The message from the parties’ vote shares is reinforced by the individual ward results, which saw the LibDems hold one seat and gain one from Labour, whilst Labour had a net loss of one seat and no other parties won any seats. Lynne Featherstone comments:

“These figures show clearly that the Lib Dems are the challengers to Labour in Haringey, where voters are no fed up with Labour, both locally and nationally. We are looking forward to improving our position in the London and European elections, where Haringey will play a vital role.”