Muswell Hill councillor Lynne Featherstone has welcomed plans for a much needed safety improvement for a busy Muswell Hill junction. Double yellow lines are to be placed at the bottom of Cranley Gardens at the junction with Park Road, where parking close to the busy junction was creating a hazard as drivers attempted to make the turn.

The works are to be rolled out as part of a programme of measures over the coming months.

Lynne Featherstone comments:

“Improved lines of sight at the junction are sorely needed, and I am pleased that the yellow lines will cover the short stretch to St George’s Church. Vehicles are regularly parked right up to the junction, making it difficult for emerging traffic, and also causing tailbacks during busy periods. It is a welcome move.

“It must not be forgotten, though, that Labour promised action on more substantial traffic calming measures for Cranley Gardens in the re cent by-election. We will continue to press them for solutions to the problem of dangerously fast traffic passing along the road.”