Labour's candidate fixing

Off to Islington as link member for the Metropolitan Police Authority for the Chair of the MPA’s borough visit. The local commander updates us (the MPA) on what is happening in the borough. But the real interest was the gossip that Labour are going to play fast and loose with the GLA list.

The GLA member for the area, Meg Hillier, has been selected for a safe Labour seat at the General Election. If she stands for the GLA elections in June and then steps down at the General – this will cause a by-election for the GLA seat. It would obviously be better for Labour if this didn’t happen.

But the stories are that she doesn’t want to not stand in June – even if it does then cause a by-election after the general election. However, the rumour now is that she will be switched to the GLA list (where if you leave the Assembly during the term of office, there is no by-election but simply replacement by the next person on the list) and that they will put another Labour member from the current list to stand for the constituency GLA seat.

Don’t know if it is true or will actually happen, but wouldn’t surprise me as Labour use their list members to meet their control and command needs – nothing to do with being elected to their position on the list. Unlike the LibDems where we are on the list by the virtue of one member one vote across London and any fiddling with positions on the list by the centre would be tantamount to war.

No such qualms in Labour. Fixing is a way of life for them!