Highgate councillor and Lib Dem Leader Neil Williams has called on Haringey Council to open up for temporary use one of its own car parks following continuing parking misery near the Archway Road as a result of major road works in the area. Cllr Williams says it is the least the Council can do to relieve the problems in Hornsey Lane Gardens N6, as major gas repair works are clashing with the Council’s own works on the Archway Bridge refurbishment.

Councillor Neil Williams says Haringey Council should have used some common sense in ensuring that the two major works did not clash. Despite their own works, Haringey Council gave permission for the Transco gas mains works to take place, causing parking misery for residents in one of Highgate’s most densely developed areas.

Cllr Williams says that the car park in nearby Tudor Close lies largely empty, as the Council refuses to issue permits for use of the oversized car park to local residents not living on the estate.

Cllr Neil Williams comments:

“Under the circumstances, the Council should show some goodwill to the residents and at least provide some temporary parking in Tudor Close. After the lack of co-ordination over these works, this is the least they could do. Having refused to take action, I have asked them not to enforce restrictions in Tudor Close while the gas mains works are still ongoing.”