Local Lib Dems have called for a review by senior post office managers following the discovery that several thousand items of mail destined for the N8 area have been discovered by a member of the public dumped on the local railway line. Royal Mail staff have retrieved the find and are busy distributing it to local residents, although some of the items appear soiled, sodden, and in one case an empty envelope that had clearly been opened had been delivered.

Royal Mail officials have told Crouch End Councillor David Winskill that they have suspended a member of staff and are considering prosecution.The Lib Dems, who use a local address for their FREEPOST service and fear they may have lost items of incoming mail, are also asking the Royal Mail writes to local residents to tell them if deliveries to their addresses have been affected.

Cllr David Winskill (Crouch End) comments:

“This is a worrying situation. While most Royal Mail employees are undoubtedly hard-working and above all honest, one bad apple can destroy trust in the postal service.

“Royal Mail should review its staff vetting procedures and management controls while they investigate how this dreadful situation arose. We will be seeking a full explanation from senior management detailing what controls they will be putting in place. They should also inform local residents, who my have become worried and perplexed by the erratic mail service in the last couple of weeks.”