Highgate library

A burst of thunder and lightning and the snow blizzarded down. Within a really short time at least two inches of snow had fallen. I had to go out to give a short speech at Highgate Library to celebrate the publication of a new book on 100 Years of Highgate Library. I decided walking was much safer than driving and set off to virtually slide down the hills to the library. Amazingly quite a good number of people came and it was really pleasant.

A couple of facts from the book itself amused me.

In 1902 when the library first opened, 3,750 invitations were sent out to Highgate ratepayers to come to the opening. 2200 actually turned up. Imagine getting that level of response today!

Also – there was apparently a lot of fuss made when the site of the library was chosen – because it was in a posh area. Some things don’t change – as if everyone doesn’t have a right to have their library in a nice place…

Then I slogged up the hill home – wondering what on earth would happen in the Stroud Green by-election the next day. Would people brave the weather and come out and vote and if they didn’t, what would that do to the result?

Get home to watch slanging match between Alistair Campbell and Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight over the Hutton report. As pleasing as it was to see Jeremy on the run – I thought Alistair Campbell really vicious and triumphalist given the gift Hutton had just delivered Labour.

Anyway – think they have mishandled this and whilst may have won the battle will lose the war of public opinion.