Lib Dem candidate in the Stroud Green by-election, Laura Edge, has joined forces with Lib Dem councillors to call for action to improve road safety following a crash at a dangerous junction in the ward. On New Year’s Eve at about 20.30 a large saloon car with four occupants overshot the junction while travelling down Denton Road towards Weston Park, and careered into the gardens of 162 and 164 Weston Park.

By great fortune, a large hedge and wheelie bin absorbed most of the impact of the crash and there were no injuries. The occupants of the car, after unsuccessfully trying to reverse away, fled the scene. One resident was not so lucky as her car was virtually written off by the saloon car’s impact.

The Lib Dems point out that this is yet another in a series of crashes at this junction, with local residents reporting that there have been eight or nine instances of cars crashing into their properties after travelling too fast down the steep hill of Denton Road. The Lib Dems also say that the road is home to Weston Park Primary school, and action from the Council is sorely needed to improve road safety and reduce speeding at the junction.

Lib Dem candidate Laura Edge, who visited the scene yesterday and met local resident John Bramble with Crouch End councillor David Winskill [see picture] comments:

“This was a dreadful incident, and it was shocking to see the extent of the damage. For one of the houses affected, an entire hedge had been flattened and a garden wall was also destroyed. The Council must now come up with a plan to improve the safety of the junction, as so many accidents have occurred in the past.”

Crouch End Councillor David Winskill, who has written to the Council to demand action and an on-sitemeeting with officers, adds:

“It is high time Haringey tackled the safety issue at this junction, as it’s extremely fortunate that no one was hurt this time. The nearby primary school makes this all the more pressing, and along with Laura Edge I will be pursuing this vigorously.”