Finsbury Park champion

This morning I met the ‘Finsbury Park Champion’ – nothing to do with boxing, but a technical officer employed to pull together the modernisation of the Finsbury Park station interchange. This is about the bus station, traffic, cycling interchanging at the station – not the station itself.

Looking at the plans the concept seemed well-thought out and workable, but I am a bit concerned about how it’s going to look. However, it will definitely be a vast improvement on the rather sordid, dirty and unpleasant current situation.

Well done to Transport for London for seeming to understand the importance of getting effective, efficient and pleasant interchanges as a must for better public transport usage.

The ‘champion’ is tasked with driving the project through and following up on all the promises made at meetings by the varying partnerships and stakeholders involved in the area and the project. The finish date should be 2006.