Haringey’s Liberal Democrat opposition is calling for a rethink on a move that would in effect rename parts of the Borough.

The Council Executive has made a decision to group addresses in Haringey under just three names – Tottenham, Wood Green and Hornsey. The proposals have been made because of the need for categories to search under in local land searches and the Executive has decided to use the old, pre-Haringey boroughs for the names.

However, there has been no consultation and Lib Dem Leader Cllr Ross Laird wants to see the decision delayed until the Council has consulted local residents.

“This is another step along a slippery slope – the west of Borough is already losing its village identity. The Labour Council started by merging all the local assemblies for communication with residents into one huge Muswell Hill Area Assembly, and this seems to be yet another snub to the distinct communities within this large area,” commented Cllr Laird who also represents Muswell Hill ward.

Without any consultation, the Council cannot know how local residents feel about the move. Cllr Matt Davies, Fortis Green ward, is also concerned that the change will impact negatively on local perceptions of the Council’s attitude towards consultation.

“The concern is that Hornsey is not a name really recognised by most people. Names such as Muswell Hill, Fortis Green and Crouch End mean much more to the people who live there. To put this through without consultation is likely to cause a lot of unnecessary ill-will towards the Council,” said Cllr Davies, who has been talking to local residents about the proposed move.

Caron Brooks, a Muswell Hill resident, says, “Most people here will not identify with being part of ‘Hornsey’ and if the Council had asked residents they would have realised this. Muswell Hill has a distinct identity that we would like to keep, once lost it would be gone forever. I am very proud to live in Muswell Hill – it has a history that means something, and not just to people who live in London.”

Richard Muir, a Fortis Green resident, says, “Bringing back the old Hornsey name will only make sense if the Council really do begin to take full account of the needs of each part of the Borough and as a first step explain what the change will mean in day to day practical terms to residents.”

Under the proposals, each street in the Borough will have a ‘locality’ added, which will be Tottenham, Wood Green or Hornsey – e.g. ‘Muswell Hill Broadway, Hornsey’.