Lib Dem London Assembly member Lynne Featherstone has welcomed efforts by local bus companies to tackle poor bus driver behaviour. Ms Featherstone’s comments came as she toured the Arriva Buses driver training and recruitment facilities with Mark Yexley, Managing Director of Arriva buses, on 1 October.

Ms Featherstone has been campaigning vigorously to improve bus driver behaviour over the past few years. The early results of her latest bus driver behaviour survey show that 80% of bus users who responded to the survey had experienced poor driving standards.

Ms Featherstone visited both driver and controller training in North London, and was shown that Arriva is investing in better training facilities for both controllers and drivers.

Lynne Featherstone comments:

“Nothing makes bus users more angry than buses all coming together or bus drivers behaving badly. However, things are really improving in terms of bus provision in London, with more buses and more routes. There are many, many good drivers – whose status is tarnished by those who drive too fast, stop too abruptly, use mobile phones or fail to make the disabled ramp available.

“It’s good to see that Arriva are taking these issues so seriously and are so determined to succeed. I was very impressed with the commitment of the senior management and the enthusiasm of the new trainees.”